Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Chuseok!

I love holidays! Even if it means just staying home and spending time with my husband and with friends:) Next week is going to be a long holiday here in Korea. Most of the people that I know are out of the country for a week long vacation, some are planning to go out of town. But for us we are staying home~ My husband for sure will be spending much of his time playing his new Xbox, which I only agreed to buy since it's going to cover his anniversary gift, christmas gift, birthday gift, new year's gift and perhaps even valentine's gift:)

As for me I will be spending most of my time working out. I want to lose weight for a special day coming very soon!

The best gift that Chuseok brings is the break we get from work. As this has been tremendously busy season for our company, I'm glad that we can have a rest from all of that.

With that, coming from some generous people and from our bosses are these lovely gifts:

Two Shinsegae gift certificates-Time to go shopping, Two bottles of wine-Love it!, and a gift certificate from Intercontinental Hotel~Super!

And another gift that came in time for Chuseok which was shipped all the way from Philippines is here! 9 months of waiting has finally ended and it was all worthy.