Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Chuseok!

I love holidays! Even if it means just staying home and spending time with my husband and with friends:) Next week is going to be a long holiday here in Korea. Most of the people that I know are out of the country for a week long vacation, some are planning to go out of town. But for us we are staying home~ My husband for sure will be spending much of his time playing his new Xbox, which I only agreed to buy since it's going to cover his anniversary gift, christmas gift, birthday gift, new year's gift and perhaps even valentine's gift:)

As for me I will be spending most of my time working out. I want to lose weight for a special day coming very soon!

The best gift that Chuseok brings is the break we get from work. As this has been tremendously busy season for our company, I'm glad that we can have a rest from all of that.

With that, coming from some generous people and from our bosses are these lovely gifts:

Two Shinsegae gift certificates-Time to go shopping, Two bottles of wine-Love it!, and a gift certificate from Intercontinental Hotel~Super!

And another gift that came in time for Chuseok which was shipped all the way from Philippines is here! 9 months of waiting has finally ended and it was all worthy.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Time surely flies. It's now the last week of July, and my last post "repost" was months ago :(
I got 15 comments on the last post. Thank you all for your questions, and for future enquiry you can e-mail him directly, the address is at the bottom of the repost.
Anyway as always I've been very busy with work and home :) I've been preparing my GS application. The original deadline is this week, but It was moved to next month. Good thing I checked the site before sending it. And I'm glad that it was extended because I'm not really happy with my application and I could use the next three weeks to prepare more. Thank you God, thank you Jesus Christ for the extra time. You always watch over me :) You are awesome!
While thinking of what to add to make my application the best and outstanding one, lots of thoughts came into mind. Which now makes me confuse :(
But I want to finish it soon, 'Coz I already have stuff planned for the coming weeks. Now I feel that I will go back and review it again and again until the deadline. Min always tells me to take it slow and think carefully when doing something. But I can't stand thinking about the same thing over and over:( But he is right!
Since now I can't stop to think, I'll just go to bed (right after posting this, or maybe after I check FB), then before I start work tomorrow I'll make a list of those thoughts and do it carefully :)
Good night!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Repost: Wanted: Kasama sa Bahay (Housemaid), Job Hiring for Filipinas in Korea

Hi Everyone,
I'm reposting this for my dear friend: Asianconqueror

Wanted: Kasama sa Bahay (Housemaid), Job Hiring for Filipinas in Korea
Mga Kabayang Pilipina sa Korea,

Hiring pa po kami para sa mga Filipina na narito sa Korea na naghahanap ng marangal at maayos
na trabaho at maayos na amo. Tanging legal na passport lamang po ang requirement na dokumento. Ang trabaho ay magsisimula ngayong Mayo. Nangangailangan po kami ng kasama sa bahay na babae. Kelangan po ay marunong mag-Ingles, may kusa at marunong sa bahay at higit sa lahat marunong sa mga bata.

Kailangan po ay stay-in mula Lunes hanggang Byernes ng hapon. Day off po kapag Sabado at Linggo at lahat ng red-calendar days sa Korea. Lahat po ay provided, pagkain at pang-araw araw na pangangailangan. Malapit po sa subway station at sa bus terminal ang bahay (5 minutes walk).

Ang sukat ng bahay ay regular at pangkaraniwan. May tatlong maliit na kwarto, sala at kusina. Kumpleto po sa appliances. Mayroon silang dalawang anak, pareho nag-aaral. Mabait ang mga amo. Maghapon silang wala sa bahay. Aalis sila sa umaga babalik sa gabi.

Ang sweldo ay magsisimula sa 1 million korean won (P40,000) buwanan. Kailangan na kailangan po ito. Mayroon ibang nag-applu pero mayroon tayong isinasaalang alang na mga katangian ng kasama sa bahay na mahalaga. Lalo na at ipagkakatiwala sa kanya ang ibang desisyon (gaya ng paghawak ng credit card, pagdala sa hostipal ng mga bata, etc.)

Hangad ko po makatulong sa inyo at sa aking mga kaibigan Koreano.

Ako po ay inyong makokontak sa pamamagitan ng e-mail Pwede din na mag-iwan kayo ng comments sa baba ng blog entry na ito.

Overseas Absentee Voter

Today I visited the Philippine Embassy to vote. I was thinking to go there this coming Sunday, but it would be pretty crowded by that time. Today there were only few people. Glad I went. I had my list with me. My senator's list didn't even reach 12. I had to do some research before coming to the Embassy. When I was in Philippines I saw Villar's entourage at Naga City airport. One of the senatorial candidate was there, he was alone and wasn't very friendly:( He was a former news anchor of ABS-CBN, didn't even know he was running for senator until I read about it when I came back, so he end up not being in my list. I only had 8 senatorial candidate that I really thought about voting. But i felt leaving 4 slots blank would have been a waste so I went through the names and read about them. Some sources of my research are Philippine Star, Wikipedia, News reports and lots of different blogs, and of course the 1 short week I stayed in Philippines, which was the start of campaign season. I came prepared. I voted!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

meeting room

I was out for a meeting today and snap some photos of the meeting room. If i'm not infront of my computer I'm usually at Seoul Club. I'm not a member but most of our committee members are which makes it easier for us to meet there. We would always have a room or table reserved, but when I got to the front desk today there was no signage for our meeting so I ask them if there's a room available for us. The receptionist made few calls and we ended up using the best meeting room in the club. The room was not very big nor small, it was just right. what I liked about it was the view, especially on this snowy day*

Overlooking Shilla Hotel

Our Gala poster at the Community Board

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This is my third Christmas in Korea but this one is extra special because my bestfriend from Philippines will come here for a visit. I'm super excided to see her and spend time with her, show her around and enjoy the Christmas holiday.
Filipinos love to have people over~ the more the merrier! But when I got here in Korea, it's not a common custom. They may know each other for years but wouldn't have a clue of how their friends house look like.
When we decided to move to a new house, that's one thing that my husband and I wanted to do, to invite people over, kahit maliit lang ang bahay namin, we are very happy to have our friends enjoy their time in our home^^

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

31st SIWA and the Diplomatic Community Bazaar

I've been on hiatus from my blog since August, not that there's nothing to write about but Ive been really very busy. My husband and I moved to a new place, we now reside in Bucheon City.
More on that later on. But first I want to share with you guys what I've been spending most of my time on.
I'm co-chairing an annual bazaar which will be participated by many different embassies, women's group and companies in Korea, this is all for a good cause as all proceeds will go directly to Korean charities. Here's an info on the upcoming bazaar: If you're in Seoul on Tuesday, November 17 please come and join our bazaar at the Grand Hilton Seoul Convention Hall.
Not only will you get the chance to shop early for christmas but you can also enter to win lots of amazing prices, to mention a few we have plane tickets to Paris and San Francisco, hotel stays, restaurant vouchers and much more ~