Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Time surely flies. It's now the last week of July, and my last post "repost" was months ago :(
I got 15 comments on the last post. Thank you all for your questions, and for future enquiry you can e-mail him directly, the address is at the bottom of the repost.
Anyway as always I've been very busy with work and home :) I've been preparing my GS application. The original deadline is this week, but It was moved to next month. Good thing I checked the site before sending it. And I'm glad that it was extended because I'm not really happy with my application and I could use the next three weeks to prepare more. Thank you God, thank you Jesus Christ for the extra time. You always watch over me :) You are awesome!
While thinking of what to add to make my application the best and outstanding one, lots of thoughts came into mind. Which now makes me confuse :(
But I want to finish it soon, 'Coz I already have stuff planned for the coming weeks. Now I feel that I will go back and review it again and again until the deadline. Min always tells me to take it slow and think carefully when doing something. But I can't stand thinking about the same thing over and over:( But he is right!
Since now I can't stop to think, I'll just go to bed (right after posting this, or maybe after I check FB), then before I start work tomorrow I'll make a list of those thoughts and do it carefully :)
Good night!

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