Friday, April 16, 2010

Overseas Absentee Voter

Today I visited the Philippine Embassy to vote. I was thinking to go there this coming Sunday, but it would be pretty crowded by that time. Today there were only few people. Glad I went. I had my list with me. My senator's list didn't even reach 12. I had to do some research before coming to the Embassy. When I was in Philippines I saw Villar's entourage at Naga City airport. One of the senatorial candidate was there, he was alone and wasn't very friendly:( He was a former news anchor of ABS-CBN, didn't even know he was running for senator until I read about it when I came back, so he end up not being in my list. I only had 8 senatorial candidate that I really thought about voting. But i felt leaving 4 slots blank would have been a waste so I went through the names and read about them. Some sources of my research are Philippine Star, Wikipedia, News reports and lots of different blogs, and of course the 1 short week I stayed in Philippines, which was the start of campaign season. I came prepared. I voted!

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