Monday, June 15, 2009

Farewell to my new friends

Hyatt luncheon with FIAS

I planned to write and post some photos of my short trip to Jeju Island about a month ago but never really got the chance to. I've been really caught up with work. There are a lot of people that are leaving for the summer and some are leaving for good.
There's a despidida dinner/party for two Filipinas that my husband and I are suppose to attend to but now I'm not sure we could :( because he forgot to remind me that we have a plan to go to his province this coming weekend.
I've only known the two ladies for a short time, but they are really nice and friendly. One Filipina works in the same field as I. She is very kind. I have a lot of things to learn from her. When she talks with people she exudes confidence and intelligence. She's really cool^^*
She is moving back to U.K. And the other one I met during the AWC luncheon. A very nice and pretty lady, who’s moving to Tokyo. That particular luncheon that we had was really fun. We had lots of laugh, iba talaga ang sense of humor ng pinoy! No need any translation, which is what I miss most when I spend time with my Filipino friends. There's just that certain something:)

Most of the people that I know here are expats like myself. And most of them have plans to go back to their country in about 2-3 years time. Some of them say that's the expat life, you come and go. I'm left wondering how it would be like to move to another country and start all over again. It would probably be the same as I felt when I came in Korea. The first few weeks I really enjoyed my time here. Seeing lots of places and meeting new people. But after few months, loneliness got the best of me. When I got my internship it made me a lot more comfortable to live here, but my best supporter is my husband:) who sometimes forgets to remind me things> but that's ok~ Hopefully we can make it back in time for the party to bid farewell to two of my new friends.

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  1. hallu tessa.. you really are a great friend...

    just wanna say thank you ulit for the VIP treatment last Philippine Fiesta... I really enjoyed the "outing"... haha..