Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Actress Lee Young-ae tied the knot!

On the subway ride home my friend mentioned to me about this news.
Lee Young-ae, a very famous top actress best known for her role in "Jewel in the Palace" tied the knot with a Korean-American businessman in the United States. One thing that the people were concerned about was the age gap between the two of them. Also the fact that she had a secret wedding. She's an actress without any controversies attached to her and has a good reputation here, which is rare to see among celebrities these days. And many people admire her for that.
Well I hope that people with just be happy for her. She's living her life with the man that she loves and that's what matters. Plus she was able to pull off a secret wedding, not even Beyonce and Jay-Z can do that.^^

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  1. Yeah, people should just be happy for her. I can't see why that is so hard for others to do.. If it's me, I wanna give them a big "SO WHAT" face.. But you know how people sometimes love to talk, and if it's new and unusual, they think it warrants their opinion. So what if he's old enough to be her uncle, or the fact that it's a secret wedding.. But then again, I don't know much about Lee Young Ae, and I didn't watch Dae Jang Geum, and I'm babbling incoherently right now and I pretty much don't know what I'm talking about... ;-)