Monday, March 16, 2009

last week

It was quite a busy week for me. At work I'm usually in charge of attending some meetings and events, which are usually held during the morning and in the afternoon. But last week I attended yet another event this time in the evening. It was a reception for the National Day of Ireland and for St. Patrick's Day. It was my first time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I don't even know much about it before I was asked to come to the reception. I met the Ambassador of Ireland in Korea and his wife for the first time, they were the host of the event. Too bad they will leave Korea soon. I went with my co-worker Greg and my husband Min. It was great that my husband was there with me, 'coz we're both too busy these days we barely spend time together. I met some old friends as well as new people. And had a tasty Irish dinner. It was really good. I also saw the Korean designer (André Kim), he just stayed for a while, apparently he was also invited to the event at the other room (Fortune Magazine) launching event. He look exactly like how he is on T.V. I still don't know why he always wear that same white outfit'?'. Overall it was a great night. Last week the Directory for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Korea was published. Our company is a member of the CCCK '09. I was happy to see the Directory. I took one home and showed it to my husband, he was happy and congratulated me. This was my first time to be part of any publication in Korea. So I was pretty thrilled to see it. Hopefully there's more to come. Here are some of the photos I took:

From André Kim


  1. thanks Emma, kita tayo soon, okay?~^^

  2. wow! i miss the days when i wrote for our company's publication...