Thursday, March 26, 2009

Philippine English Teachers in Korea!

I received this e-mail today, I hope this can help to make someone's dream come true. I was also luck enough to find my current job through this web site.

Philippine English Teacher in Korea!

As the public schools in Korea decided to strengthen English proficiency of students,
Public schools in Korea plans to hire exceptional Philippine teachers to teach conversational English to primary/middle/high school students in Korean schools.The actual timing of hiring is not determined but a head start can put you in a better position.


1. bachelor’s or higher degree in education/ English major (other majors may be possible)
2. teachers’ license(or certificate)
3. teaching experience (minimum 2 years)
4. Clean police record.

When you are hired, you will be given competitive monthly salary, roundtrip airfare, medical insurance, free housing, settlement allowance, overtime pay and severance pay.
Duration of contract is for 1 year + renewals to high performing teachers. You need to be ready to get ahead.

If you are interested, register yourself and qualified acquaintances to www. The first place we look is the database of If you are not registered, your chance will be reduced.

Go to Sign Up, attach your resume and photo,&nbs! p;teacher’s license certificate in scanned image.

Here is what you can do in the meantime:

Get your passport.
Get references.
Check your criminal record.
Get familiarized with American accent and intonation.
Get more experience teaching.

There is an increasing talk to introduce Filipino teachers but not 100% decided. Most likely it will be between 2010~ 2011. Will let you know the latest news regarding teaching visa for Philippine teachers.

Harry ChungTimes Search/ Koreajoblink.comOfficial recruitment body for SEOUL OFFICE OF EDUCATION.


  1. Very nice news for the Filipino Teachers!

  2. question. can a nurse teach? kkk .haha.

  3. thanks for the great info. got to make myself busy now.