Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hooray here comes May!

I'm eager for the long weekend to come. I don't really have anything planned. I just want to have a rest and a relaxing time at home. My husband wants to swing by Gangneung City to meet some of our friends. We might do that during the weekend 'coz he needs to work on Monday. Luckily our company decided to close on Monday since it's a sandwich day (in between Sunday and a holiday). In Korea May is considered family month since there are great events and festivals for the family and holidays too. Starting off the May holidays is tomorrow, May 1 for the Labor day, May 2 is Buddha's Birthday for this year and May 5 is for Children's Day. Although not a public holiday, Parents' Day is celebrated on May 8th. And there's also the Rose Day on May 14th and Teacher's Day on May 15th whooo....I hope I didn't miss anything. Let's look forward to a fun and exciting month^^*

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  1. blog hopping from Betchay's. nice blog. hope to read more. enjoy your long weekend. you're so lucky.