Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seoul Fair

Last Sunday the Information Fair or Expats and Seoul Friendship Fair was held at the Seoul Plaza. Our booth was placed infront to the Seoul Finance Center together with different companies and non-profit organizations in Korea. I was the person in charge to manage our booth so i needed to stay the whole day. Good thing our company manager Mrs. Han gave me a chance to look around during the afternoon. Hubby also stayed with us the whole day even though he was just suppose to drop me off in the morning. I'm glad that I was able to spend time with him, we usually just get to spend more time during the weekend because of our busy schedule during the weekdays. There were a lot of people who came despite the hot Sunday weather. Inline with the Info Fair, the Seoul Friendship Fair was also held. Lots of participant from different countries feature their own famous cuisines and products. There were two booths for the Philippines that sold fruits, food, drinks and handmade accessories. I also met some of my Filipino friends there. The Philippine booth was quite crowded, it was great to see lots of people patronizing our products. A group of foreigners immediately caught my attention when I passed by, they we having San Miguel beer~ ^^ Some booth also offered different kinds of food like kebabs and shawarma from the Turkish booth and noodle soups from the Vietnamese booth it was delicious and flavorful^^*

Here are some of the photos taken from the Fair:

Our Information Fair booth


  1. i'm annoyed by that Seoul mascot!

    nice pics you got there tessa

  2. i wanted to go to the fair but couldn't because my hubby was working on that day, looked like you guys had a lot of fun.

  3. hi betchay, i think the mascot looks quite cute, just don't know why he has fangs but the wings is a nice touch:)

  4. hi cher! yes it was fun, it would have been wonderful to see you and your family there. hope to see you on the next one^^

  5. tessa asan na yung picture ko? wahahahaha! thank you pa rin for inviting me. i had fun watching the booths of south american countries, especially equador, ang sarap magsayaw ala marimar sa harap ng booth nila. yung ibang foreigners umupo na sa mauupuan nila sa harap ng booth....